Friday, December 22, 2006

Logitech diNovo Keyboard, Mouse and Bluetooth Wireless Hub

Logitech Bluetooth diNovo Keyboard ultra-flat keyboard, MX 900 Optical Mouse and Hub

Mouse p/n 852011-0000
Keyboard p/n 867328-0100
Hub 830916-0000

When I saw this Bluetooth product, I imagined how nice it would be to replace my existing keyboard and mouse, wirelessly, and also add a bluetooth capability to my PC.

Not a bad piece of hardware. But pretty bad software. The primary problem was the time it took for the mouse and keyboard to respond after a reboot. Frequently I had to plug in an old keyboard (after a while left it plugged in) to log in and play with the Logitech software to get the keyboard and mouse paired.

I gave up on the product, and deinstalled the Logitech software figuring on getting rid of it. When the Logitech software was removed and Windows rebooted things got interesting. Windows recognized the USB device (the Bluetooth Wireless hub) and then everything could not have worked better. Keyboard, mouse paired up, work and there are no problems using them.

But I still can't manipulate the BIOS on boot - still need the good old ps/2 keyboard.

If you have this product, try the product with Windows XP and without Logitech's software. Couple caveats: I'm guessing the Media Pad (don't use it) will become a glorified Bluetooth calculator and I haven't tried a clean install of WinXP without having ever installed the Logitech software.

This experience leads me to the following piece of advice: Never install any CD that comes with a peripheral you have purchased.


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